“Behind the Lens” – The Makings of a Photographer

behind the lens

The Makings of a Photographer

I probably got interesting in photography the way that most kids do, by having their first little camera and taking photos at every family event and family outing. My family used to tease me and call me the historian because I always wanted to get pictures of anything and everything we did. Well that love of photography never went away and actually only grew even through my college years.

While working on my bachelors degree in communications I took photography classes and also did photography work for the department website and newspaper. It was a great foundation and starting point for where I wanted to go in my career. After graduation I got my first marketing job for a credit union. While there, I focused on my graphic design skills, video work and expanding my photography abilities.

Since that time I have worked for two other companies doing marketing and communications work. At my current day job I do graphic design, event planning, video production as well as the official photography. I am almost daily doing photo shoots and loving it. I get to work with kids and teachers and it is never a dull moment.

I have always seen photography as a creative outlet that is a stress reliever and a way to express myself. So as a result, why not only do it for my job, but also a side project that will be fun for me and provide lasting memories for clients. I want each client to love having their photo taken as much as I love taking it for them. My ideal photo shoot has laughter and catching fun moments organically. Yes I also do take the posed photos that are traditional and great for keepsakes, but I also want you to have those moments of siblings chasing each other, etc.

I enjoy natural photography. I do edit photos and that is actually a big part of my day job. However I don’t want you to ever see that photo and say that was edited. I like it to be subtle, but effective editing. For example if you are 55, I shouldn’t edit you to look 20…but I can definitely make you look 45 if you would like. I do natural light, studio photography, and in-home photo shoots. They each have their special additions to your memories.

My goal in my photography work is to just make great photos that will make you smile all over again when you look at them. If I succeed in this, then we will both be happy in the end.