Behind the Lense -Having a Stress Free Shoot

behind the lens

Many families see taking family photos as a stressful event that we have to do to capture the memories. And then when you look back at the photos you remember how you were arguing over people needing to smile, what clothes to where, and worrying if the baby is going to have a fit during the process.

So here is the key to having a successful shoot…don’t stress. I know you were probably thinking that I was going to give you this prophetic statement on how to magically make everything perfect, but the truth is there isn’t. A baby probably will cry at some point, or a toddler make a run for it, or a mom forget the matching jackets, but they still will be great photos.

Sometimes the best photos are of children running around playing. It is natural and how you will want to remember your kids 10 years from now. And as a photographer that has a child, I can tell you that I understand and know that babies cry. So don’t stress over that. We can pause, give the baby a minute for a pacifier, diaper change, or bottle. The world won’t end and we will get that great photo.

The truth is, the more relaxed you are about letting the little stuff go, the better your photos will be. They will be natural, comfortable and come with fond memories. It is my job as the photographer to worry about getting the perfect shots that you are looking for. So please allow me to take that pressure off of your shoulders and just see the session as a time to enjoy being with your family and making memories.


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